2010 Contest Winners

Our Spring 2010 contest at Muskingum University in Ohio gathered 11 contestants together to create games. We had 8 games submitted. On this page you can see the winners, and download the games to play yourself. All games were created using Game Maker.

First Place: Galactic Overthrow 2

Lance Hecker created Galactic Overthrow 2, The Rebellion. Use the arrow keys to move your ship, and the space to fire. Don’t get hit too often!

Second Place: Running To Freedom 2

Emily Vanasdale created Running To Freedom 2, The Vanishing Sanctum.  Play as Gregory, a horse trying to lead his sister freedom.  Use the arrow keys to move, and the space bar to jump.

Third Place: Ark of the Covenant

Noah Townsend created Ark of the Covenant. Play as an archeologist adventurer trying to recover the ark. Collect hearts, navigate mazes, and shoot down the villain’s plane!

Honorable Mentions

We also had a number of honorable mention awards in different categories.  Listed in no particular order:

Most Unique Weapon: Yeti In Space

Curtis Lewis created Yeti In Space. Play as Bartholemew the Yeti, kidnapped by aliens. Fight your way to the escape pod to get home, using snowballs to knock out laser projectors.

Most Unique Storyline: Lost Dream

Josh Houston created Lost Dream, a game in which Isaac, a boy in a coma, fight a battle in his imagination to recover. Use the arrow keys to move and space to project a shield.

Most Action Packed Game: The Bounty Hunter

Fernando X. Avila-Soto created The Bounty Hunter. Waves of enemies come at you and it’s destroy or be destroyed. Not every weapon works against every enemy, so you’ll have to think to survive.

Most Unique Game: Amorphia Games

Justin Hunt created Amorphia Games. Protect the jewel inside your screen of men from the rabbits. Last as long as you can!

Best Retro Game: Alien Hunter

Ferdinand G. Avila-Soto created Alien Hunter. Use right and left arrow to move, up arrow to jump. Battle your way to the end!