Fall 2012 Contest Winners

Our Fall 2012 contest at Muskingum University in Ohio gathered 17 contestants together to create games. We had 10 games submitted. On this page you can see the winners, and download the games to play yourself. Most games were created using Game Maker.

First Place: Temple Escape

Leon Hoos created Temple Escape. In this game, you take on the role of a pony who has triggered a trap in an ancient temple. Now the pony must run to survive as long as possible, avoiding spike traps and lava tubes. Temple Escape was written in Java; you need a runtime version of Java 7 to play it. The file TempleEscape.bat might also help.

Second Place: Time Of Spartans

Ryne Carletti created Time Of Spartans. In this game you travel through time to stop a war before it begins. You must destroy all the enemies on each level to uncover the exit to the next level.

Third Place: Space Ambush

Julian Beetem created Space Ambush. You must survive through multiple waves of enemy attacks to reach the end. This starts out easy, but ramps up in difficulty nicely. Be careful of the ships that fire sideways!

Honorable Mentions

We also had a number of honorable mention awards in different categories.  Listed in alphabetical order:

Best Use of a Large Ship: Game 2

Adam Lyons created this game, where you have to maneuver a large ship through some pretty narrow passages. Avoid touching any walls, and enemy fire.

Best Plaform Game: Platformer

Alexis Hagan created this platfom game, where you try to collect as many coins as possible.

Most Unique Game: Herding Mania

Sam Carrel created this game, where you have to herd animals into the pen. Don’t get too close, though, or your wolf will eat them.

Best Use of Time Travel: Time Travel Disaster

Aaron Taylor created this game, where you start out fighting dinosaurs in primitive times, and move to futuristic times.

Best Survival Game: Cow VS Everything

Ronnie Cole created this game, where your cow has to survive long enough to get to the next level.

Most Addicting Game: Tomb Escape

Bennett Van Horn created this game, where you must avoid various enemies in your quest to escape a tomb.

Best Use of Multiple Ghosts: Maze

Cameron Ward created this game, where you’re moving a ghost through a maze. Enjoy the level where you’re controlling a whole bunch of ghosts all at once!


Admissions Scholarship

A $500 Admissions Scholarship was awarded to Ryne Carletti, for excellence in game design.

Science Scholarships

A Science Scholarship, up to a $2,000 value, was awarded to Leon Hoos for excellence in game design.