Fall 2014 Contest Winners

Our Fall 2014 contest at Muskingum University in Ohio gathered 18 contestants together to create games. We had 17 games submitted. On this page you can see the winners, and download the games to play yourself. Most games were created using Game Maker.

First Place: Zero Gravity

Aaron Taylor created Zero Gravity. In this platformer game you play a robot named Charlie trying to recover his stolen Doritos. Zero Gravity boasts three different worlds for a variety of game play. Zero Gravity was programming using Scratch.

Second Place: Bug Battle

Noah Townsend created Bug Battle, a game with a terrific visual look that requires quick decisions. Do you use a stick to fight off an attacker, or do you hide under a leaf to avoid it? An automatic saving mechanism ensures you won’t lose progress when you take a break.

Third Place: Libertatis 2

Kyle Wells created Libertatis 2, a game of trying to avoid asteroids as you try to escape the surface of a planet. A great title screen and nice parallax scrolling effects make this game stand out. See how long you can survive!

Honorable Mentions

We also had a number of honorable mention awards in different categories.  Listed in alphabetical order by game name:

Best Use of Visuals: The A Knight’s Quest

Jacob Knisley created this game of a knight trying to save his King through a variety of levels and by defeating a variety of enemies. Eye catching graphics tell the story of the knight.

Best Use of Muscle Cars: Drag Race

Daniel Woods created this game of racing muscle cars. Can you be quicker off the starting line than the computer?

Best Star Wars Theme: Dune Sea Adventures

Adam Lyons created this game of exploring an alien desert and trying to avoid enemies.

Best Story: Green Moon Industries

Vinny Del Tedesco created this platformer game. You play as a soldier trying to shut off the spaceship’s fusion reactor before it explodes, killing everyone. There’s a poignant plot twist at the end.

Most Unique Game: Green Moon Labs

Zachary Weaver created this game where you play as a scientifically enhanced flying squid who is being tested by scientists to see how long you can survive. Don’t touch the bricks!

Best Fighting King: Green Moon Monsters

David Stanton created this game, where you play as a King trying to defeat invading squids.

Best Use of Evolving Gameplay: Moon Cheeze

Joshua Holbrook created this game where game play changes with each level as you progress through the story.

Most Innovative Title Screen: Moon Planet Exploration

Adam Eckstein created this game where you select an option from the title screen by either flying your ship into a button or shooting the button. In the game itself, you fly around a maze to different regions where you fight battles to survive.

Best Use of Multiple Weapons: Night of the Green Moon

Brian Pokorny created this slick survival zombie shooter. Different weapons you can pick up will change the game play, including a shotgun with recoil.

Most Hardcore Game: Ninja

Jacob Eastin created this game, where you get one life only and must try to survive through multiple levels.

Most Judge Deaths: Operation Green Moon

Romeo Wallace created this game that logged more kills of judges as we tried to dodge through thick hails of bullet fire.

Best Support of the Game’s Theme: Soviet Bear Assault

Spencer Miller created this game with an eye toward the theme. The music immediately puts you in mind of Russia, and even the title screen colors were carefully chosen. Play as a Soviet trained assault bear with a rocket launcher and try to defeat your enemies.

Best Space Shooter: Swarm Survivor

Julian Beetem created this space shooter where enemies from at you from all directions. Watch for the ones from the sides!

Best Use of Backgrounds: Sylveon Chase

Molly Beetem created this game where you collect items from a variety of colorful backgrounds.


Admissions Scholarship

A $500 Admissions Scholarship was awarded to Aaron Taylor, for excellence in game design.

Science Scholarship

A Science Scholarship was awarded to Noah Townsend, for excellence in game design.