Fall 2016 Contest Winners

Our Fall 2016 contest at Muskingum University in Ohio gathered 4 contestants together to create games. Three submitted games. On this page you can see the winners, and download the games to play yourself. All games were created using Game Maker.

First Place: Plane Wars

Jonah Gahagan created Plane Wars. This is a classic shooter with the added twist of limited ammunition; you have only 100 shots for each level. In the early levels you can afford to shoot wildly, but in later levels you’ll need to shoot carefully to be able to destroy all the enemies with only 100 shots. In addition to a cash prize, Jonah also won a $500 Admissions scholarship to Muskingum University.

Second Place: Cosmic Chaos

Thomas Jones created Cosmic Chaos, a new twist on an old favorite. Fly around the screen shooting alien enemies, but be careful! On each level new aliens are introduced that follow their own rules. Some explode when killed sending out shrapnel that will hurt you, others shoot when you do, and more.

Third Place: Block Chase

Robert Shoemaker created Block Chase, a game of escaping! Press the arrow keys to move your block in a direction before the block that’s chasing you catches you. You can press an arrow key multiple times to speed up. Use the strategically placed smaller blocks to change direction, but that slows you down so be prepared to speed up again quickly.