Fall 2017 Contest Winners

Our Fall 2017 contest at Muskingum University in Ohio gathered 9 contestants together to create games. We had 7 games submitted. On this page you can see the winners, and download the games to play yourself.

First Place: Curiosity

Ellie Woodrum created Curiosity. In this gorgeous hand-drawn side-scrolling RPG you play as a cat exploring its world.  Dialog tells the story as you wander.  This is the prologue to a much larger game and showcase’s Ellie’s artistic talents.

Second Place: Ascension

Thomas Jones created Ascension.  This is an exacting platformer that embraces its difficulty.  You’re trying to get from the bottom of the level to the top, and you have 70 lives in which to do it.  Checkpoints along the way ensure you don’t lose too much progress when you die.

Third Place: Kitten Wars

Amelia Olinger Shaffstall created Kitten Wars.  This game appears to be a game of kitten tug of war, but it’s actually a press your luck game.  You score points by eating flying fish that pass overhead, but you can only eat fish while you’re not tugging.  After eating a fish the cat ignores you for three seconds, getting tugged toward the other side.  How high can you score without getting pulled over the line?

Honorable Mentions

We also had a number of honorable mention awards in different categories.  Listed in alphabetical order by game name:

Best Sense of Slowly Impending Doom: Block Invaders The Lost Cause

Robert Shoemaker created Block Invaders The Lost Cause.  The game moves slowly, but you eventually realize there’s no escape from the hordes of enemies that keep attacking.

Most Unique Game: Cats Take The World

Cadence Mortensen created Cats Take The World.  In this  you play as a dog trying to fetch the mail.  He has to race through several houses catching cats until the final level, where he must avoid a crazy cat to get the mail.  Good luck!

Most Ambitious Game: Dogfight David Vs Goliath

Thane Johnson created Dogfight David Vs Goliath.  In this two-player game set during World War II, one player takes on the role of a Japanese Zero caught behind enemy lines, and the other an Allied ship trying to destroy the Zero.  Two scenarios are available which each provides a different challenge.

Most Nostalgic Game: Tank Wars

Logan Johnson created Tank Wars.  This is a two-player tank combat game where you try to destroy the other tank.  The left tank is controlled by A-W-S-D and Shift to fire, while the other is controlled by the arrow keys and Space to fire.


Admissions Scholarship

A $1,000 Admissions Scholarship was awarded to Thane Johnson, for the most ambitious game by a newcomer to Games By Teens.

Science Scholarship

A Science Scholarship was awarded to Ellie Woodrum, for excellence in game design.