Fall 2018 Contest Results

Our Fall 2018 contest at Muskingum University in Ohio gathered 13 contestants together to create games. We had 10 games submitted. On this page you can see the results, and download the games to play yourself.

First Place: Fractured Madness

Thomas Jones created Fractured Madness, a first-person shooter with a definite Halloween theme.  You have to keep on your toes in this one, deciding whether to shoot, lay mines, or run.  Don’t fall into the gaps, but you can lead the enemies into them.

Second Place: Dog Run Dog

Benjamin Hillen created Dog Run Dog.  In this charming side-scroller you’re a dog trying to escape from the dog catcher.  You have to avoid hazards, which include police cars, black cats, and fire hydrants.  You can collect toys for points and food for energy.  If you get too tired, the dog catcher gets you!

Third Place: A Sketchy Escape

Phillip Lashley created A Sketchy Escape.  In this you play as a boy who hates bright colors trapped in his little sister’s coloring book.  And she wants to keep him there!  Navigate the mazes to find your way out.

Honorable Mentions & Kudos

These submissions didn’t rank in the top 3, but are achievements in their own right .  Listed in alphabetical order by game name:

Archery & Absolutes

Thane Johnson created Archery & Absolutes.  In this game you’re fighting the taxman.  You know you can’t win, but you’re trying to get as many points as possible before you go down.

Clash of Twins

Estevan Cornell created Clash of Twins.  In this two player game you try to pummel the other player into submission.  A player’s current health is helpfully displayed above their head.

Joyful Escape

Cadence Mortensen created Joyful Escape.  When the game starts you’re treated to a cut scene of your spacecraft being blown away from  your base.  In each level, avoid the asteroids and get back to your base.  It starts out easy, but gets progressively trickier!

Ocean Adventure

Jasmine Taylor created Ocean Adventure, a game of close calls and tricky moves.  Find your way through the ocean creatures to the stars to escape each level.

The Joy of Escaping

Logan Johnson created the Joy of Escaping.  While the game is unfinished, it shows promise as the start of a story of a prisoner trying to escape his captors.

Why Not?

Carter Paden created Why Not?.  This visual slideshow is a good start at an interactive visual novel.

Wingman Sam

Blaine Hall created Wingman Sam.  This tribute to a Game Maker classic has you trying to shoot down an infinite supply of enemy aircraft, while avoiding being shot yourself.


Admissions Scholarship

A $1,000 Admissions Scholarship was awarded to Benjamin Hillen, for the best game by a newcomer to Games By Teens.