Fall 2019 Contest Results

Our Fall 2019 contest at Muskingum University in Ohio gathered 14 contestants together to create games. We had 10 games submitted. On this page you can see the results, and download the games to play yourself. This year we also have HTML versions of the games you can play online. Note that not all the HTML versions play as well as the Windows versions. For the best results, download the Windows version and play it on your computer.

First Place: Ball And Stick Game

Matthew Green created Ball And Stick Game, an homage to old style games such as Pong and Breakout. You travel through the story with game levels interspersed. (HTML Version)

Second Place: Cat Frenzy

Benjamin Hillen created Cat Frenzy.  In this charming side-scroller you’re a valiant cat trying to stop the evil “Dog” from taking over the world. Get touched by mechanical mice and not only do you get hurt, but your controls get mixed up for a time. (HTML Version)

Third Place: Magic Legend

Jedidiah Wilson created Magic Legend, a tough game of a valiant hero trying to defeat an evil wizard. Keep away from or destroy the wizard’s wolves before they overwhelm you! (HTML Version)

Honorable Mentions

These submissions didn’t rank in the top 3, but are achievements in their own right .  Listed in alphabetical order by game name:

Baseball Defender

Owen McNeil created Baseball Defender. In this game you and your trusty dog must try to defeat the boss. There’s a one player and a two player version, and a secret level (look for the antennae). (HTML Version)


Jake Berg created Digitron. In this game you control a simple square trying to reach the flag. A variety of enemies try to kill you, and all you can do it avoid them. Excellent level design makes this an addictive game. (HTML Version)

Galaxy Protector

Kaden Coil created Galaxy Protector. In this old style space shooter, you must destroy the blue enemy but avoid the purple ones. The addition of a practice mode and high score table makes this a polished game. (HTML Version)

Space Defender

Timothy Wilson created Space Defender. In this intense shooter you must somehow survive and kill enough of the enemies to trigger the final confrontation with the boss. (HTML Version)

The Space Confusion

Ian Wing created The Space Confusion. In this game you must avoid the fireballs and the boss to get to the end. (HTML Version)

The Strange Island

Estevan Cornell created The Strange Island. In this game you wander a mysterious island to discover why you are there. (HTML Version)


Aiden McConnell created this untitled game. In this platformer you must avoid the white blocks while getting to the finish line. (HTML Version)


Admissions Scholarship

A $1,000 Admissions Scholarship was awarded to Matthew Green for excellence in game design.