Contest Staff

Contest Guides

A contest guide helps contestants in the learning sessions figure out how to use Game Maker to create the game they’ve designed.  We don’t use the term instructor, because the contestants are driving themselves to learn, rather than passively listening to an instructor.

The primary guide for the current contest is Jay Shaffstall, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Muskingum University.  Jay is a huge fan of creating games to explore creativity and problem solving, and this contest is a way for him to share that process with others.

Also helping contestants during the Saturday learning sessions is Lance Hecker, a past GamesByTeens winner and current Computer Science professional working at Cerner.

Contest Judges

The games will be judged according to several criteria, including the visual look of the game, the sophistication of the programming, and how fun it is to play.  Our judges are drawn from around the area, and also from volunteers from 1st Playable Productions.