Regular Prizes

These prizes are available to any contestant, based on the quality of the game they create.

First Prize:

The first place prize is normally an gift card.

Second Prize:

The second place prize is normally an gift card.

Third Prize:

The third place prize is normally an gift card.

These other prizes will be awarded to special prize categories:

Honorable Mention Prizes

These prizes are awarded to games that did not place in the top 3, but showed merit in a specific area.

Special Prizes

These prizes are limited to certain classes of contestant, based on the requirements of the prize donor.


The Muskingum College Science Division has donated a prestigious Science Scholarship, in the amount of $2,000, to be awarded to an outstanding game created by a high school Junior or Senior.

The Muskingum College Admissions Department has donated a $1000 yearly scholarship.

This page will be updated as prizes are added.