Spring 2012 Contest Winners

Our Spring 2012 contest at Muskingum University in Ohio gathered 14 contestants together to create games. We had 12 games submitted. On this page you can see the winners, and download the games to play yourself. All games were created using Game Maker.

First Place: In Search of the Stone of Blue Infinity

Noah Townsend created In Search of the Stone of Blue Infinity. In this game, you take on the role of Sir Flounder, trying to retrieve a magic stone for his king. You have to find the key on each level to unlock the next level, while avoiding sea spiders.

Second Place: Search for Atlantis

Lance Hecker created Search for Atlantis. You must travel through each undersea level, avoiding sharks and other hazards, in your search for the lost city of Atlantis. You can find ammunition along the way to help you clear out some of the hazards.

Third Place: Azure Labrynth

Fernando X. Avila-Soto created Azure Labrynth, a game in which you control a blue dragon to collect gems and avoid or destroy enemies. You have both bite and fireball attacks, and each enemy only falls to one or the other.

Honorable Mentions

We also had a number of honorable mention awards in different categories.  Listed in alphabetical order:

Best Use of Tactics: Blue Infiniti

Jordan Demattio created Blue Infiniti. While you can progress through this simply blasting away at whatever blasts you, putting some thought into it will often show you alternate solutions.

Best Level Design: Blue Invasion

Cody Kelly created this platformer with some very intriguing levels. Jump your way through, but don’t miss any jumps!

Best Use of Destructible Terrain: Dragon Hunter

Blake Swift created Dragon Hunter. Some of the blocks can be destroyed by the shrapnel from your rockets, so plan carefully where you fire them!

Best Educational Game: Find & Seek

Kayla Kelly created Find & Seek, an educational game targeted at three to five year old children. The game helps them learn the alphabet in a hidden picture format.

Best Use of Themed Levels: Guide the Horse

Christina Kelly created Guide the Horse, a game where you try to guide a horse to find an apple. Each level has themed obstacles, from safari to rain forest and more.

Best Use Of Backflips: Novastorm

Ferdinand G Avila-Soto created Novastorm. In this platformer you have a standard shooting attack, but can also execute high backflips to get to those enemies you can’t reach otherwise.

Best Title Screen: Skylar Keyes: Pathway’s Secret

Emily Vanasdale created Skylar Keyes: Pathway’s Secret. In this game you have to find your way through a maze with limited lighting. Also enjoy the orbiting options in the main menu!

Best Use Of Difficulty Levels: Star of Ice

Ryne Carletti created Star of Ice. This is a nice space shooter that will test your reflexes. Start at the easy difficulty and work your way up as you build your skills.

Best Use Of Music: Super Smash Brothers 2

Brandon Williams created Super Smash Brothers 2. In this game play as one of four iconic video game characters in a fight to the finish.


Admissions Scholarship

A $500 Admissions Scholarship was awarded to Noah Townsend for best game by a non-junior or senior.

Science Scholarships

A Science Scholarship, up to a $2,000 value, was awarded to Lance Hecker for excellence in game design.