2011 Contest Winners

Our Summer 2011 contest at Muskingum University in Ohio gathered 13 contestants together to create games. We had 12 games submitted. On this page you can see the winners, and download the games to play yourself. All games were created using Game Maker.

First Place: Skylar Keyes and the Nazi Loot

Emily Vanasdale created Skylar Keyes and the Nazi Loot. This is a puzzle game, where you need to figure out the answer to each level to unlock the secret cave where the Nazi loot is stored. The missing letters around the border form the answer, and the answer is also one of the items in each scene.

Second Place: Orange

AJ Hallmon created Orange, a very exacting platformer. Turn as many blue blocks orange as you can, but also keep up with the scrolling level! When you beat the game, you can try again in the two-player mode with a friend.

Third Place: Monster Parade

Todd Dueck created Monster Parade, a deceptively simple game in which the goal is to survive as long as possible. Avoid the barrels and other monsters, but be careful! The other monsters interact with each other and the barrels in sometimes surprising ways.

Honorable Mentions

We also had a number of honorable mention awards in different categories.  Listed in alphabetical particular order:

Best Hardcore Game: Cave Explorer

Blake Swift created Cave Explorer. The action starts out fast and furious. Use the arrow keys to move, and shoot with Z, Control, Spacebar, and Shift. P starts invincibility mode but uses life, while L stops invincibility mode.

Best Variety Adventure: In Search Of Noah’s Ark

Noah Townsend created this game where every level is something different. Battle a boss monster in one, find your way through a maze in another, and answer trivia questions in another.

Best Thematic Weapons: Infestation

Ferdinand G. Avila-Soto created Infestation. The player’s light and dark weapons work only on similarly colored enemies, so pay attention!

Best Retro Platformer: Operation Orange

Curtis Lewis created Operation Orange, a great platformer. Avoid the lasers and crushers and kick your way to victory!

Best Use Of Climbing: Orange Skies

Fernando X. Avila-Soto created Orange Skies, a platformer where climbing the walls is critical to success. Climbing may even find you a shortcut past the enemies!

Most Original Use Of Breakout: Rescue The Princess

Kayla Kelly created Rescue The Princess, a game where you alternate between destroying skeletons on your way to the princess, and using a breakout style game to find a bomb.

Best Puzzle Shooter: Sunglasses

Hunter Eskridge created Sunglasses, a shooter where thoughtful play is rewarded. Look for switches to reveal secret passages, drop rocks on your enemies, and more.

Best Classic RPG: The Island

Kaitlin Eskridge created The Island, an RPG that has you helping people on an island. Reminiscent of old-style RPGs, this one’s a lot of fun.

Best Use Of Fireballs: Zombies And Ghosts Frontier

Cody Kelly created Zombies And Ghosts Frontier, a game which maximized the use of fireballs. Don’t take too long to get your bearings! Start shooting right away, and you’ll be able to survive.


Admissions Scholarship

A $500 Admissions Scholarship was awarded to Todd Dueck for the best game by a newcomer to the contest.

Science Scholarships

Science Scholarships, up to a $2,000 value each, were awarded to Emily Vanasdale and AJ Hallmon for excellence in game design.